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About Us

“We want NV-US Organics to have a family feel, so we’re looking forward to extending our family and establishing a community that promotes health and wellness through hemp and our organic products.”

– Jeremy Roberts
Founder of NV-US Organics

Who We Are?

NV-US Organics is a purveyor of the finest broad-spectrum CBD products in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

A small family business focused on educating and inspiring people to live their best lives through the healing power of hemp, NV-US Organics aims to harness the benefits of CBD through products that amplify wellness in the body and mind.

A man harvesting hemp
hemp flower

Our Mission

The mission of NV-US Organics is to show the everyday person how CBD can create an enviable lifestyle rich with energy, mental clarity, a pain-free body, and more.

Hemp was a catalyst for change in Jeremy’s life, and now, through an innovative line of premium CBD products, he has his sights set on helping to catalyze that change in the lives of as many people as he can.

Our Story

The seeds that would eventually become NV-US Organics were planted when founder and family man Jeremy Roberts reached a turning point brought on by two local hurricanes.

Ultimately, the hurricanes forced Jeremy, his family and his community to reevaluate their lives in the wake of destruction. 

These events served as a wake-up call for Jeremy, and his definition of rebuilding soon began to include restoring his own mental and physical health.

He was experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, physical pain and lack of motivation.

Fed up with feeling irritable and tired of exhaustion, Jeremy explored new ways to optimize his overall well-being. Eating healthy and hitting the gym were no-brainers, but Jeremy felt a missing piece to the puzzle.

Ironically, it was a shoulder injury that would offer up that missing piece and change the trajectory of his life, and subsequently, the lives of his family forever. 

Jeremy’s injury led to his introduction to the world of CBD. Upon experiencing impressive pain relief from this potent cannabinoid, Jeremy felt a deep need to learn more about it.

After researching the many benefits of hemp, he found himself in awe and soon began implementing CBD into his daily life, with astounding positive results.

He began to feel more energized, with less pain, better sleep, and significantly reduced anxiety.

Jeremy with his wife and kids.
NV-US Organics Product Lineup.

These improvements prompted him to see CBD as a lifestyle and become a devoted advocate of the incredible chemical compound.

He watched the lives of friends and family transform through the addition of CBD, and he realized that hemp had an even more significant role to play in his story than he could have imagined.

Jeremy’s affinity for hemp soon developed into an all-out passion. He began dreaming of creating his own CBD business. And when the pandemic hit in 2020, Jeremy took it as yet another sign to push forward and transform his dream into a reality.

Thus, NV-US Organics was born, driven by endless research, careful product development, and the desire to bring the benefits of CBD to people everywhere.

The line now includes a wide array of organic CBD products, including oil, salve, sports cream, gels, and more.

The products were mindfully and authentically crafted with the intent of sharing the benefits of hemp and spreading the message that had changed Jeremy’s life.

Jeremy and his wife Kaleisha have two beautiful young children, Averie and Jeremiah, and they consider their customers to be extended family.

Why Choose Us?

At NV-US Organics, we understand that you have a myriad of choices when it comes to CBD products.

So why choose us? We pride ourselves on the many aspects of our business that set us apart from the pack.

Among them are:

  • We are a family business with family values. We are a small, family business and we are very family-oriented people. We see our customers as an extension of our family.

    We’re not a large corporation, but a family of entrepreneurs with a genuine passion for CBD.

    That passion shines through in all that we do and means we pay attention to and approve every little detail. This is our dream, our livelihood, and it means everything to us.

  • We offer only the best, pure broad-spectrum CBD products that are carefully researched and third-party lab tested to assure you that you’re buying a 100% THC-free product.

  • We care about your wellness. That means quality CBD, of course, but it also means we are particular about everything that goes into our products, and what stays out.

    We use clean ingredients like organic cane sugar, organic essential oils and more. Our products are always venal and cruelty-free.

What They Say About Us

I take it in the morning and evening and it helps me with my neck pain. I really recommend it if you are experiencing severe pain.
Sherry N.
Sherry N.
Louisiana, USA
I was skeptical about hemp products and wasn’t sure if it would really help. But boy, this did work for me. Now I use it usually once a day. Thank you for making this product, it’s a blessing.
Glen S.
Glen S.
California, USA
I use the sports cream after I play a bit of badminton. It exceedingly helps with easing my joints. Hats off to you guys for making a quality item.
Geoffrey H.
Geoffrey H.
Louisiana, USA

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