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How Much CBD is Right for me? Decoding CBD Dosage

If you haven’t heard of the incredible health benefits of CBD, you haven’t been following the news very closely. From managing anxiety to enhancing heart health to boosting the immune system to fighting diseases and viral infections… CBD is taking the world by storm. The right CBD dosage, however, is still a debatable topic. No […]

Incredible Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Hair

There’s a lot of reasons why more people are loving Hemp Seed Oil. Scientists have been studying it for years now and the results are clear. Hemp Seed Oil, Defined Extracted from the Hemp Plant,  Hemp Seed Oil is a truly natural product. It can be turned into an array of exceptional products that range […]

CBD Salve for Pain: Uses & Health Benefits Of CBD Salve

CBD, or cannabidiol, is slowly becoming more popular for its potential health benefits. It belongs to a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds called cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not produce the feeling of “high” when consumed. Its cousin, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is the more popular compound with […]

Anandamide featured image

Anandamide: The bliss molecule and its functions

What is Anandamide? Anandamide is a fatty acid neurotransmitter found within the endocannabinoid system of our body. It serves a lot of functions in the body like homeostasis, neurogenesis, appetite and inflammation. The name comes from the Sanskrit word “Ananda” which refers to “happiness, joy, and bliss.” Its name tells a lot about its mood-boosting […]

The Endocannabinoid System

Endocannabinoid System: What is it and How Does It Work?

The Endocannabinoid System is one of the main things hemp products affect. Since NVUS Organics is in this industry, of course, we want to shed light on how our products interact with one of the largest biological systems of receptors in the body.

CBD vs THC comparison

CBD and THC: The Similarities and Differences

CBD and THC are common components that can be found in CBD products. They play a role within the functions of our Endocannabinoid System. And both have similarities and striking differences that can affect our bodies. In this post, we’ll talk about the differences between CBD and THC, and their potential risks and benefits.

Hemp Oil Processing

How We Process Our Hemp Products

The Farming Process: NV-US Organics extracted oil from a feminized hemp plant.  We use U.S. grown hemp cultivated sustainably in nutrient-rich soil bred for high hemp, low THC, and a wide range of minor cannabinoids and terpenes. The Milling Process: After harvesting the hemp, drying them in the field will reduce water weight and total […]

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